HowTo get linuxsms and xlinuxsms running under windows

1. Go to and download ActivePerl for Windows (tested with version 5.0.8 build 806) and install it (I used c:\perl\ as target directory)

2. Go to the system control and add a new environment variable:
HOME with the value "C:%HOMEPATH%" (without the ")
This is optional. If you don't add this, your settings are stored into the root directory (c:\)

3. Download and put it into a folder, where you want to keep the programm (eg c:\program files\xlinuxsms\)

4. Download linuxsms (tested with 0.67) from and unpack it somewhere

5. Copy only the file "linuxsms" (without an ending) to the xlinuxsms directory

6. Rename the file "linuxsms" to "" and run it. The rename it back to "linuxsms"

7. You should now have a directory called ".linuxsms" in your home directory. If you didn't do step 2, it is c:\.linusms\. Otherwise it is something like c:\documents\user\.linuxsms\

8. Edit the file linuxsmsrc in that directory and change SECURITY=Yes TO SECURITY=NO (this is, because linuxsms thinks you are root)

9. Now we have to add some servers, through which linuxsms will send the SMS.

10. In the xlinuxsms directory create a file named "servers.bat" with the following in it:

perl linuxsms -server

11. Run servers.bat and choose a server for your country from the list and register (if it needs to register)

12. Once you obtained your username and password from the sms servers website (eg edit the file .linuxsms\password. After a restart of the GUI, the server should be listed as available.

13. If you want to add people to the adressbook, you have to edit the file .linuxsms\adressbook by hand for now. This will be supported in a later version of xlinuxsms. Logo