With linuxsms it is possible to send short messages (aka SMS) to mobile phones. linuxsms is using free servers on the internet.
It is running on linux and windows. It can be found here.

xlinuxsms is a Perl/Tk GUI for linuxsms. It is based on a GUI by Igor Castang, modified by Kali.
It is released under the GPL license.

To run linuxsms and xlinuxsms under windows read the instructions.



I contacted Igor and Kali and they agreed to put xlinuxsms under the GPL license. So the new version 0.11 is now released as GPL software. Also I added support for xlinuxsms to run under windows. Get the new version and read the instructions for getting it to work (incl. installation of perl)


Released the first version of the new linuxsms GUI


Version 0.11

- added some stuff to support running on windows
- added some message checks, so the shell doesn't get confused by ' or "

Version 0.1

- Now works with latest versions of linuxsms (tested: 0.66)
- translated to english
- changed those ugly colors ;-)
- added a lot of error messages (plausibility checks)
- added text showing numer of characters in message
- added field for country prefix
- contacts default server from adressbook is used


- check if server supports the message length (now only checked for <=160)
- full adressbook (adding, changing...)
- message splitting (type one message with length 200chars -> 2 messages are sent)
- support flash sms, anonymous send and confirmation
- support signature

This is how it looks like at the moment:

New features are added when somebody requests them or I need them for myself. Please email me with your feedback (xlinuxsms AT felixknecht DOT de).


version 0.1 - 2003/08/10
version 0.1.1 - 2003/08/24

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